• S. Capaccioli
    Primitive beta-relaxation as origin of the dynamic transition observed in solvated proteins
  • R. Covino
    Folding pathways diversity for a small beta-protein using the DRP method
  • F. D'Amico
    Raman line-shape analysis to investigate the hydrogen bonds behavior in peptide solutions
  • P. Maass
    Non-equilibrium steady states of driven particle transport with nearest neighbor interactions
  • A. Marcus
    Conformation of exciton-coupled molecular dimers in membranes and in DNA by phase-modulation 2D fluorescence spectroscopy
  • K. Ngai
    Evidence of coexistence of change of caged dynamics at Tg and the dynamic transition at Td in solvated proteins
  • A. Paciaroni
    Vibrational collective dynamics of dry and hydrated proteins in the Terahertz region
  • M. Palombo
    The role of the disorder on the anomalous diffusion in 3D crowded media: simulations and NMR experiments.
  • T. Scopigno
    Sub-ps photoinduced dynamics in Heme-proteins studied by Femtosecond Stimulated Resonance Raman Scattering
  • S. Sennato
    Polyelectrolyte-induced aggregation of liposomes: cluster phase formation and destabilization by added salt
  • T. Skrbic
    Studying the folding of knotted proteins by Monte Carlo simulations
  • F. Sterpone
    Protein Hydration: water dynamics and protein stability

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