Glasses & glass transition

  • G. Baldi
    Collective vibrational modes as signature of a static length accompanying the glass transition
  • B. Champagnon
    Polyamorphism and high pressure experiments
  • A.I. Chumakov
    Equivalence of the boson peak in glasses to the TA van Hove singularity in crystals
  • W. Coralie
    Anomalous temperature-hardening of the elastic modulus in vitreous silica
  • L. Leuzzi
    On a static computation of critical slowing down exponents in glassy dynamics
  • X. Liu
    New results on the low energy excitations in amorphous silicon
  • G. Jug
    Magnetic effects from crystal embryos in the cold glasses
  • A. Marruzzo
    Heteregeneous shear elasticity of glasses: the origin of the boson peak
  • R. Pastore
    Dynamical Correlation Length and Relaxation Processes in a Glass Former
  • F. Puosi
    Correlation of the instantaneous and the intermediate-time elasticity with the structural relaxation in glassforming systems
  • M.A. Ramos
    Low-temperature thermal and thermodynamic properties of butanol glasses
  • T. Rizzo
    Replica Field Theory of the Glass Transition
  • B. Rufflé
    Brillouin scattering from superpolished vitreous silica in the Urbach-tail region
  • B. Ruta
    Structural Relaxation and Aging in Glasses
  • W. Schirmacher
    Boson peak and marginal rigidity of glasses
  • H. Schober
    Aging rates in a simple glass and its melt
  • A.P. Sokolov
    Cooperativity and Heterogeneities in Dynamics of Glass-Forming Systems: New Insight
  • J.L. Tamarit
    Glassy dynamics in ordered phases

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